Thor's Night Out First Release

Thor's Night Out is my first project, a game about the day that my dog, Thor, got lost for a whole night and came back by the next day morning. That day i figured "What adventure has he got into?". 

I will never know what happens but in TNO you can play as Thor and discovery a new world outside home, meet friends, enemys and different creatures on a beautiful scenario and imagine how would be a young dog's night out.

The art and code are being constantly inproved, there is a lot of new content to be update so check out the progress on the instagram @drmurilov.

Thor's Night Out v1.0

This project started as a simple idea and now is evolving to a fun, original and awesome game!Hhelp me to make it better by Playing, Sharing and giving me your Feedbacks!


TNO v3.1.1.2.apk 25 MB
Jun 12, 2019

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